Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yong Zhi's Graduation Concert

Yong Zhi’s Graduation Concert
Yong Zhi graduated from his PCF Kindergarten on Sunday. He was a participant in one of the many dances choreographed by the PCF teachers. The bunch of kids in his class were so happy that they were dancing away even outside the corridor. They were singing to the music of the other dances they were not involved and were dancing along with the rhythm.

Like last year, MP Mohammed Maliki Osman joined in the grand finale to make the evening one to be remembered well into the future for the kids, and the parents.

Look at him.

He was making all those dancing moves and jumps all evening. I have never seen him so happy before. Even demonstrating to his mummy while she try to take a photo of him with the Graduation Certificate.

Yong Zhi with his Graduation Certificate.