Thursday, November 16, 2006

Year End Holidays Again

School Closes for the Holidays Again
Woodgrove Primary School closed for the Year-End School Holidays again on 16 November 2006. With a blink of an eye, Yong Yun has completed his Primary One education.

He was joint Third in his class with 2 other classmates. There were prizes for the first three positions, one for good conduct and another for best improved student. The school’s new Principal Miss Teo and Vice Principals gave away the prizes.

Yong Yun will be going to one of the two the Mega Class next year. Two Mega Classes are created for the schools best 120 students. They will get special attention in the subjects. A lot work for the kids. We let Yong Yun try it out and see how he coups.

Yong Zhi will join him in the school in Primary One.

Time really fly for them this year.