Thursday, June 01, 2006

Republic Of Singapore Naval Museum

Mid Year School Holidays
It is holidays again. The kids are restless at home. I had a bit of spare time on hand and decided to spend them wisely by bring the kids to a Museum.

A Naval Museum to be precise. I sort of missed the good old days when I was roaming the Seven Seas. The Naval Museum’s guns and weapons brought excitement for the kids. But I was feeling more nostalgic because of the basic sea going compasses, engine telegraphs, signaling lamps and old fashion electronic equipments. Being from the Merchant Navy, I wasn't that interested in the weapons. Wish I could be at sea again one of these days when I had fulfilled my duties as a father.

After the Naval Museum, I brought the kids to a seldom visited place. A place which I was sure to bring some questions popping from the kids. The Bottle Tree Village at Sembawang.

Enjoy the pictures.

Young Yun and Yong Zhi sitting on a Stockless anchor

Mine sweeping equipment of some sort. I'm not sure.

Various types of anchors

Bronze propeller

Past Navy Chiefs

Small arms

Navigational Magnetic compasses

Navy uniforms