Thursday, June 01, 2006

Air Force Museum

Republic Of Singapore Air Force Museum
Yong Zhi wanted to come to this Air Force Museum because there are more weapons. He wanted to learn more so that he will know how to counter his older brother when they play Power Ranger.

The afternoon showers welcome us at the Air Force Musuem.

Then off to the sea side to watch some Yishun regular fishermen catching the asam fish. The place was completely dry. Untouched by the heavy afternoon showers.

Yishun Beach is just next to the Lower Seletar Reservoir Dam

Entrance to the displays

Introduction of the Republic Of Singapore Air Force

Past Air Force Chiefs

Plaques and Swords of Honor

A huge Defence Missile

Blood Hound Missile

Blood Hound Missile

UAV - Unman Aerial Vehicle

Rolls Royce Engine

Alouette Helicopter

Bell Helicopter

Radar equipment for the missiles

Lockheed Shooting Star

Lockheed Shooting Star

Huge Red Fire Extinguisher

Striker Master

Sky Hawk

Yong Yun backed off when I told him those blue things are bombs.