Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year 2006: First Day at School for Yong Yun, Yong Zhi and Yong Le

First Day at Woodgrove Primary School
A very hectic day because the timing was all squeezed together and my boss has not got used to it yet. Yong Zhi attend his K2 Class at PCF at 0800 hours. Then Yong Le attend his Shining Star Play Group at 1000 hours. Followed by Yong Yun at 1200 hours for his Primary One schooling at Woodgrove Primary School.

We had a chance to witness the school's method of helping the new Primary One children get started with school life at Woodgrove. The school is the best in Woodlands area, and I now understand why it is able to achieve the affection shown by all the parents in this area. Every year those who got a place through ballot were very happy.

During recess, there were many parent volunteers guiding the kids. Sample food from the respective food stalls were laid out on tables in a neat row. On a plate, are coloured cards with the number of the stall selling the food. The children can choose the food from these tables and pick up a card with the stall number before being guided by a parent volunteer to the actual stall itself. Save a lot of browsing at the stall front and of course minimise accidents of spilling hot soap on each other.Just like the shopping centre or night market display. And it is very effective too. Yong Yun walked and browse the displayed food samples two times before making up his mind to eat fishball noodle.

He bought the food and paid 50 cents for it. Carried to the table marked for his class. A parent volunteer was there to make sure the kids eat their food and not make a mess while eating. A very efficient and completely working very well executed plan. No chaos. No lost kids. No crying kids. I am really impressed with the whole plan. I'll have full confidence that Yong Yun will get his best in this environment. Couldn't have asked for a more fantastic model of efficiency.

No parents are allowed into the school after that. After school, parent volunteers again guided the Primary One children to the respective gates. Their parents had indicated on their name tag which gate they will be waiting to pickup the kids. Another efficient and well thought plan to make sure no kids got lost on their first days at Woodgrove Primary School.

My heart felt thanks to the Woodgrove Primary School staffs and the parent volunteers.

Yong Zhi is ever so ready to attend school.

Yong Le vandalise the classroom table with crayon unwittingly.

Attention to sing the Mari Kita

Learning the Alphabets

Yong Le also starts his Play Group Class today.

First Lesson is to vandalise the school tables with crayon.


Sitting the way he sat on the baby chair at home..............kekeke


Reading a book

Heavy school bag.

Yong Yun ready for his First Day in Primary One.

Handsome or not?

A parent volunteer directing the first day schoolers to the canteen for their food during reccess.

Two-By-Two. Just like when I was in primary school.

Young Yun the tallest in his class.

Yong Yun selected Fish Ball Mee. Stall number 5, orange colour.

Canteen food samples neatly laid out on numbered table for the children to choose their food. Then they'll take a number and will be directed to the stall. Stall is also numbered and colour coded.

Number 5

Waiting for the tables to clear

Many parent volunteers assisting the kids. These volunteers get priority during balloting for a place in the school.

Hi dad.

Yong Yun started eating

Still waiting.

The packed canteen. The big containers for the kids empty bowls and plates after they had finished their food.

Eating and eating

Yong Zhi missed his brother

Papa................ hi

Everybody almost finished eating

See the fishball in my mouth?

Yong Zhi want fish ball or not?

Mama......... I'm here.

All finished except for the 3 kids including Yong Yun

Yong Zhi also want to go Primary 1

Joining the crowd for some fun.

Yong Zhi really missed his brother. Sometimes he is willing to accept punishment for his brother.

Yong Yun trying to eat quickly

The girl behind Yong Yun is his nursery classmate

Eat faster leh Yong Yun. Everybody finished already. to eat faster when you keep talking to me

Almost finished

Clearing the bowl after eating. A very good habit to practise.

Each stall had their own pails.

Yum yum

Please kor kor........... let me follow

Kor kor....... can I follow you to class

Kor kor........ can kok-kok beh me or not.........

My wallet is still here

Yong Yun getting more instructions from his mummy

I drank so much water already

Going back to class after reccess.