Saturday, November 12, 2005

Yong Yun's PCF Kindergarten Graduation Day Concert

PAP Community Foundation Kindergarten Graduation Day Concert 2005
This is an annual event by the Admiralty Branch of the PAP Community Foundation Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony and Dance Performance Concert.

Yong Yun is schooled here since K1. He is graduating in K2 class. Today is his big day. He is enjoying himself very much. The PCF had revamped the education system in accordance with the Ministry of Education. So there is more play and less homework.

Yong Zhi is in K1 and will be in K2 next year. He is making a lot of friends and having a lot of fun. He talks a lot, but somehow, the teachers managed to keep him quiet in class. He is as naughty as you can find. His English and Maths is improving very quickly.

Dr Mohd Maliki Osman is a very active MP for Admiralty. He is involved in all the activities. He gave the Certificates to all the graduating students in Admiralty Branch.

Dr Mohd Maliki Osman joined in The Grand Finale.

Yong Le watching the show

Waiting for the presentation of Certificates

Waiting for his turn

Received the Certificate from Dr Maliki Osman



Kung Fu Kick

Getting ready to throw the confetti

Grand Finale

Dr Maliki joined in the Grand Finale

After the dance. Look at the hair.

Getting ready at home

Mum sent YY to the bus

Waiting as usual, to board the bus

Mum snapped these shots.

Look at all the dancers