Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kumon ASHR Award Ceremony

Kumon Advance Students Honour Roll Award Ceremony
Yong Yun was awarded the Gold Prize for his standard of his work for English. Yong Zhi, as usual the more playful guy, only managed to get a Silver Award.

Both of them are always complaining that they have too much work. But they always complete their work assignment. Their English and vocabulary had improved tremendously, thank to the Specially trained Kumon teachers at Kumon.

Yong Yun and Yong Zhi with the Prizes.

Yong Zhi with the trophy
Fisrt shot. Then my battery recharging/saving took too long and miss Yong Zhi receiving the prize
Yong Yun received the trophy
Chief Instructor give Yong Zhi a pat
Queueing up for the trophy
Yong Zhi is always very playful
All the honour roll students

Taking their position
Register their arrival for the name tag

Name tags on and ready
Kumon ASHR
Yong Le don't want to take picture
Free at last from Yong Yun's hug
No no
Getting ready to move off. Waiting for Papa's car.