Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jurong East Swimming Complex

Jurong East Swimming Complex
Jurong East. A name that really do no justice to this fantastic water playground. My kids mistook it for the Wild Wild Wet of DownTown East. So they decided to use their own name and called it the Wow Wow Waves when they finished fighting the waves.

Fun at the water Playhouse. Look exactly like the playground at our neighbourhood park, but with water.

Jurong East Swimming Complex. Adults $1.20 Children $0.80.


"Don't push me!"


Yong Yun diving

Entrance to the cave

Artificial cave covering the artificial river with strong currect

Water playhouse

Water fall

Even at the top

Look at the water pipes

Water playhouse

Sprays everywhere

Sprays sprays and more sprays

Ready for the swim in the river


Shallow pools

Water playhouse


Pebble and cobble stones

Waiting for the artificial waves


Mushroom showers


The slide tower is 5 stories high.


Yong Zhi swimming with the current


Shower arcs.


Ready for the waves

The sprays

I can stand in the wave

"Yong Zhi swim.............."

Yong Yun got hit by a big wave

Yong Zhi chionging the waves

Wow Wow Waves

Big waves

Cannot balance in the big waves

Surfing the waves

A big wave

Very shallow only. But can still "surf"

Yong Zhi is still unable to swim against the waves. Maybe after a few more practises

Yong Yun learning how to swim against the waves

Against the waves