Monday, October 24, 2005

People's Association Children's League.

People's Association Children's League
The League started in March 2005 and ended in September 2005. A total training period of 6 months on every Sunday, rain or shine. With real professional coaches certified by the FAS. These kids were put through the proper warm up exercises and soccer drills. But the part they enjoyed most is the matches they played with each other with mini-goalposts.
We have a kid who is always scoring on the wrong side. But he likes to score as long as it is a goal. We managed to get him to score on the right side in the tournament and won. Fantastic kids.

Now the eye opener for you. We only paid $30 for the whole 6 months course. The kids each get a high quality soccer ball each. A set of beautiful jersey including the socks for training. Another set of beautiful personalised jersey for the tournament. With each kid's name on the back. This made the kids look so proud that my kids wanted to wear the jersey everyday. They sleep with the medals they won every night.

What the People's Association and the FAS is doing is really fantastic for soccer in Singapore. I was so impressed by the scheme that I volunteered to be the manager and help trained the kids every Sunday. After such an expensive and elaborate scheme, the soccer sports must improve tremendously. I think the parents enjoyed more than the kids. They were screaming more than the kids could score. The guy to thank for this fun and excitement, Professor Ho Peng Kee, President of the FAS.

The Little League Soccer Team from Admiralty.
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