Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yong Yun Caught A Lampan With A Balloon Stick

Catching A Lampan With a MacDonald’s Balloon Stick
We had lunch at MacDonald. The staff gave the kids some balloons and one of them burst. But Yong Yun was still holding on to the stick and playing with it. Next visit, MacRitchie Cove to feed the lampans and tortoises. While we were there, I attached a mono to the ballon stick and put a dry fly at the end of the line. We have not even settled down when Yong Yun was shouting excitely to me.

“Dad, come quick! I’ve got something on the line.”

He was just playing with the dry fly on the water when the next moment, the lampan whacked it. A beautiful lampan. Animals and fishes can really make kids happy. I am happy as long as my kids are happy. Because when my kids are happy, my wife allow me to go fishing.

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