Sunday, May 01, 2005

Admiralty Little League

Yong Le
Yong Le
Yong Le
Yong Le with the training cones
Yong Le ball picker
Yong Le also want to play goalie
Yong Yun and Sharol.
Nurul. The only girl in the team.
Teams slogging it out verbally first.
Red and Blue

Agressive play from the Little League players
Teams ready.
Yong Yun is gold keeper
Yongzhi, chinese kungfu.
Leg exercise
Yongzhi thinks he is Ronaldo.
The Ronaldo step over?
Pep talk before reward
Every Admiralty Team member has a set of jersey.
Yong Yun get coach's attention.

"Thank you coach" said Yongzhi.
Coach Mr Halimah briefing the Little League Admiralty Team
Coach's reward for the teams. A set of jersey.