Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Admiralty Little League Soccer - 24 April 2005 to 24 September 2005
The Little League Soccer is started by the People's Association. Admiralty is our zone and the PAP Kindergarten is one of the participants. Joining fee is $12. The kids get one football each, a set of jerseys and training from a professional coach. On top of that, refreshments at every training. What more can you ask for?

The People's Association Children's League - 25 November 2006
Admiralty entered two Teams. Both reached the semi-finals. Team-B reached the Grand Finals. They came out Runners-Up.

Admiralty Little League Soccer - 30 July 2006
The team had been training for a year now. It is the time to test them. They passed with flying colours. They are now Champions in Woodlands

Swimming Lessons at Singapore Sports School - 9 April 2005
The constant disruption in an uncovered swimming pool by the weather made the parents decided on the Singapore Sports School's cover swimming pool.

Swimming Lessons at SAFRA Yishun - 16 October 2004
The demand for students in Singapore to learn swimming when they are young are debated among the parents almost daily. Being the kiasu type, my Boss enrolled the kids with the SAFRA for some swimming lessons. Very professional and competent instructors conducted the classes. Sometimes I’ll jump in and enjoy a cool dip too.