Thursday, March 13, 2003


Yong Yun's First Day At School - 4 January 2006
Yong Yun's First Day Attending Woodgrove Primary School

Kumon ASHR Award Ceremony - 13 November 2005
Yong Yun and Yong Zhi received Kumon ASHR Awards.

Yong Le's Birthday Party - 14 November 2005
Yong Le's 2 years old Birthday Party.
Xin Yi and Yong Yun perform a Magic Show for us.

Yong Yun's Graduation Performance - 12 November 2005
Yong Yun's Graduation Performance at Greenwood Primary School.

Yong Zhi's Graduation Concert - 12 November 2006
Yong Zhi's Graduation Concert at Greenwood Primary School.

Yong Zhi's Birthday - 19 August 2005
Yong Zhi celebrates his birthday in school with his classmates.

Yong Yun's Birthday - 4 February 2005
Yong Yun's birthday party at home and at school.