Saturday, November 25, 2006

Runners-Up In Singapore

Runners-Up In Island Wide Soccer Tournament
Finally the day had come when the kids will be put to the test to see if they had trained well. The People’s Association Children League Soccer Tournament takes place at Kovan Community Centre. More than 30 teams from across the whole country pitched their skills against each other in 4 rain soaked and muddy soccer pitches.

Admiralty entered two Teams. Both reached the semi-finals. Team-B reached the Grand Finals. They came out Runners-Up. An achievement we were all proud of considering conditions in which the tournament was played.

Rain and the wet pitch did not dampen their spirit. They fought for every ball and followed every instruction shouted to them by their parents.

Yong Zhi played in defence. He was able to clear most of the balls that reached his defensive territory, frustrating the opposition strikers. His partner in defence was equally brave. Unfortunately they lost to a single freak goal.

All the parents were so proud of them.

Yong Zhi with the Runners-Up Silver Trophy.

Admiralty Little League entered 2 teams and both progressed to the Semi-Finals. Team 'B', which Yong Zhi was the defender, progressed to the Grand Finals. This is an Island Wide Challenge for the kids. The kids were Runners-Up in the whole of Singapore. That is an achievement for them. The coach gave some last minute instructions for the managers and players before the battle began. Manager for Team A Warm up Team B manager and the Head Coach. Managers giving some tactical instructions Team 'B' Rain had made the pitch wet and muddy, but the spirit of the young ones were not dampen. Difficult play, but the kids did their best and were runners-up island wide. Yong Zhi with the Runners-Up Trophy. Papa's proud of you son. The Head Coach was so proud with the young ones too. I have never seen a guy who loved kids and soccer so much as to spend all his weekends training, coaching and playing with the kids. A man who has gained my admiration and utmost respect for what he had done for the kids in Admiralty Zone. Definately a candidate for a Presidential Medal on National Day. Thank you Sir.